Papers Written To/Received From Anonymous Alumnus A

W&L Anonymous Alum A Letter 1_Redacted

Among their many charges of preservation, Special Collections at Washington and Lee University holds letters written to and received by alumni of the University. Special Collections also holds any important notes that are submitted by a single alumnus that are of significance to the University.

These papers are samples collected to and received from an anonymous alumnus, known as Anonymous Alumnus A. You may access the whole collection by clicking on the thumbnail or choose an individual letter that has been curated from the list below.

Letter 1
Letter 2 and Board of Trustees Brochure
Letter 3
Letters 4 and 5
Letter 6
Letter 7
Letter 8
Letter 9
Letter 10
Letter 11
Letter 12
Letter 13
Letter 14
Letter 15
Letter 16
Letter 17
Letters 18 and 19
Letter 20
Letters 21 and 22
Letter 24
Letter 23 and Board of Trustees Statement on Coeducation