This website is only a model

We have sought to provide a compelling and informative look into the Washington and Lee University coeducation decision. However, this site should  be seen as a starting model for further expansion and by no means a website intended to be seen as a comprehensive source of resources pertaining to the decision to make W&L coeducational. Some information on our website – such as bibliographic information of some newspaper articles – is not present because it was found without that information.

If you are researching the coeducation decision of Washington and Lee University, please review the complete resources available by contacting Special Collections of the Leyburn Library at Washington and Lee University.

Remarks on Redactions

All information found on our website is free to examine and open to the public. However, we have been asked to redact certain items on our website, including the names and businesses from which letters on the coeducation decision were written. If you would like to examine the non-redacted versions of information found on our website, please contact Special Collections of the Leyburn Library at Washington and Lee University.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Notice

We have added alternative text to photographs on our website to allow viewers who cannot view photographs to understand the context behind them. The color scheme of our website allows individuals who need a higher contrast viewing experience to do so without hinderance. Some items on our website are not ideal for some viewers with disabilities, such as PDFs not having machine-readable text and the one video interview not having closed captions. Due to time constraints and the preliminary nature of this project’s digitization efforts, these steps are still in process.

If you have any recommendations on how to make our website more accessible, please contact us on our Share With Us form at http://beyondbowties.academic.wlu.edu/share-with-us/.

Washington and Lee University Honor System Pledge

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